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3 Things to Know About Friluftsliv, the New Self-Care Trend

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Move over, hygge – friluftsliv is the new Nordic living trend making waves in 2021. Pronounced “free-looft-sliv,” this term loosely translates to “free air life” or “open-air living,” and it has recently taken off across Etsy, Pinterest, and other trendy online platforms. All about enjoying the great outdoors, friluftsliv will undoubtedly shape self-care, as Americans grapple with what are hopefully the last few months of the pandemic. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the new term and how to practice it in 2021.

Why is friluftsliv a term to know in 2021?

To put it simply, friluftsliv embraces a way of living that many people around the world are desperate to emulate after months spent indoors. According to Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, “As many continue to experience lockdowns and social distancing restrictions as a result of the pandemic, friluftsliv offers a connection to nature and its calming, grounding effects.” In other words, friluftsliv has become a meaningful way for consumers to reclaim their time and energy away from the constant noise of 21st-century life.

What are the benefits of friluftsliv?

Though the term may be new, the idea that spending time outdoors is healthy is anything but. For many years, we’ve recognized the benefits of spending time in nature, such as reduced stress, a decrease in blood pressure and a boost in mood. The only difference is that, now, there is a trendy term for enjoying these benefits and many more: friluftsliv.

How should one embrace friluftsliv?

There’s no right or wrong way to embrace friluftsliv – as long as you’re enjoying the beauty of nature without feeling hounded by text messages and emails, you’re probably doing it right! Here are a few suggestions, if you aren’t sure where to begin.

• Use AllTrails to discover hiking trails near you.
• Visit your local state park.
• Try “slow TV,” nature videos that fans find transporting and soothing.
• Ride a bike.
• Go on a picnic.
• Go fishing.
• Set your alarm a few hours early, so you can catch the sunrise.

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