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These Four Podcasts Could Possibly Inspire Your Next Creative Project

Creative minds cannot always generate ideas on their own. Sometimes, they need inspiration, and podcasts serve as a great muse when you’re searching for a fresh and exciting vision. With the right podcast, you can tackle those long-awaited projects once and for all. These specific recommendations will tickle your fancy and serve as motivation to get your next artistic venture rolling at full speed. Check them out below! 

Elise Gets Crafty 

Elise Blaha Cripe is the creative entrepreneur behind the daily goal-setting planner, Get to Work. In her podcast, Elise Gets Crafty, Elise interviews artists, entrepreneurs, productivity experts, bloggers, and more about the habits that go into running a successful creative project. It’s the perfect tool for creative of all sorts, looking to expedite their usual process—especially now that they have the time to do so. 

Adventures in Design 

Adventures in Design pays homage to the morning talk show while discussing every facet of living a creative lifestyle. Full of interviews with creatives from all kinds of backgrounds, Adventures in Design digs into how professionals bring creativity into their everyday lives. Entertaining, educational, and inspiring, this is a great podcast for exploring all the different ways creativity manifests itself. 

Note to Self

Note to Self is another podcast about how technology is changing our everyday lives. As creative professionals operating in a digital world, Note to Self investigates how people interact with technology. Taking in present-day considerations like data, bots, and privacy, this podcast will get you thinking about how your creations are impacting the world.


Overshare is a podcast about the harder side of being a professional creative. By looking beyond, the pretty portfolios and gorgeous Instagram grids, Overshare gets into the nitty-gritty difficulties of being a creating content, competing in today’s digital spaces, and more. It often features interviews from other creatives about how they deal with the bumps in the road—it could be helpful, to say the least!

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