When Is the Best Time to Apply Sunscreen? Here Is Everything That You Should Know!

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable in the Texas heat. Not only does it protect your skin from unsightly and uncomfortable sunburns, but it also helps reduce wrinkling and aging of the skin and prevents skin cancer. After you’ve settled on your favorite sun-blocking product, you may think you can just slather it on immediately before visiting the pool or spending a day outdoors. Not so fast! You’re better off timing your sunscreen application so that it has plenty of time to sink in before you head outside. Here is everything you need to know about when to apply your sunscreen, based on the formula you’re using.

When to Apply Mineral Sunscreen

If you are using mineral sunscreen, the bottle of your product will have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide listed among its ingredients. It may also say that it’s a mineral-based formula on its label. These formulations work like a shield over your skin, blocking the sun’s rays so that your skin is protected.

Mineral sunscreens should be applied after other skincare products, forming the last step in your routine. That way, they’ll be able to form the barrier that makes them so effective. Remember to apply 30 minutes before heading outside, so that the product has time to form the protective barrier.

When to Apply Chemical Sunscreen

Don’t be afraid of chemical sunscreens – though the product might sound abrasive, it simply refers to sunscreens that get their SPF from chemical, not mineral, components. You’ll know you have a chemical sunscreen when your product is formulated with avobenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, or homosalate.

Because they are chemically based, chemical sunscreens need time to soak into your skin before they are effective. Apply them after serums and before your moisturizer, so they can get to work well before you apply any other products and/or makeup.

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