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3 Superstitions Related to Full Moons That Just Are Not Worth the Hype

You have likely heard that the moon has a supernatural force responsible for everything from bad luck to bad sleep to hyperactive pets and children. Yet, as fun as these superstitions may be to read about, there is hardly any evidence to support these and other claims. Check out this list to learn 3 myths surrounding full moons.

Myth #1: Pets go crazy during a full moon.

Ever noticed that your cat or dog seems to go berserk during a full moon? Though you might think the two are related somehow, this is not the truth. Rather, experts believe that full moons likely illuminate more things during these specific evenings, possibly encouraging pets to spend more time outdoors on these nights – and, maybe even getting in a little bit of trouble. But, for the most part, the link between full moons and pet behavior seems to be nonexistent.

Myth #2: The full moon has no effect on your sleep.

It’s been said that the full moon doesn’t affect your sleep patterns whatsoever. However, in an interesting twist of scientific fact, this is actually not true. In Switzerland, a group of scientists discovered that people tend to get less rest during a full moon. In their study, they found that it took people about five minutes longer to fall to sleep, and they woke up 20 minutes sooner when a full moon was present. What’s more, these same subjects also spent 30 percent less time than normal in a state of deep sleep.

Myth #3: There is a dark side to the moon.

If you’ve ever heard Pink Floyd’s 1973 album then you might have wondered whether there really is a dark side of the moon. This is false. According to NASA, the “dark side” of the moon is actually a “far side” of the moon, and though some of the moon’s surface is never fully visible to us here on Earth, it’s not actually dark on the far side of the moon. It’s likely just dotted with volcanic plains, which are the dark spots we see on the surface of the moon when looking at it through a telescope.

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