Simple Costumes for Kids

Checked out the prices of Halloween costumes lately? You could spend $40, $50, or even more for a simple costume that isn’t even unique! This year, instead of spending your money on a store bought costume, make your own. Not only will you have a one of a kind outfit, you’ll be sure to save lots of dough! Start with a basic under layer—sweats or tights and a leotard. From there, you can accessorize your way to a great costume. These ideas should get your creative juices flowing! 

Bunny - Start with pink or white tights and a leotard. Add a large pom-pom for the tail and make ears from a plastic headband and construction paper. Use makeup to add some whiskers and a cute nose. 
Puppy - Start with brown or white sweats and add floppy ears out of felt. Use bobby pins or clips to attach to your hair over your ears. Cut spots from felt and glue, safety pin, or sew to your sweats. Use makeup to add spots, whiskers, and a nose to your face. 

Snowman - Start with white sweats. Add a black paper top hat, painted with white poster paint to look like snow. Put on gloves and a scarf. Use black pom-poms down the shirtfront to represent coal buttons. 
Buy an inexpensive white eye-mask and add a cone made of orange construction paper for the carrot nose. A plastic red bird glued to the hat will complete the look. 

Spider - To a black set of sweats, pin on legs made of stuffed black nylon hose. Close the legs with staples or by sewing and pin to your sweats. Add some face makeup and you are all set. 

Bunch of Grapes - Start with purple or green sweats or tights and a leotard. Pin small inflated green or purple balloons all over your costume. Add an ivy-covered hat to complete this outfit.

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