Did You Know That Too Much Exercise Can Result in These Reactions?

A regular workout routine is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Not only does regular exercise boost your self-confidence and relieve stress, but it prevents a host of diseases and other ailments. However, as with many things, it is possible to work out too much. Believe it or not, here are a few signs that you may be going too hard in the home gym.

You have extreme muscle soreness.

Some soreness is to be expected after a good workout. But, if you’re sore all the time, and nothing seems to provide relief, you should take that as a sign to slow down your intense fitness routine.

You’re experiencing injuries.

Experiencing many injuries lately? You might want to take it easy when working out. Doing the same workout too frequently can lead to overuse injury. Mix up your fitness routine to prevent this.

Your immune system is down.

Getting sick more often can be a sign of too much gym time. While moderate exercise is linked to positive changes in the immune system, too much intense exercise can reduce immunity.

You’re feeling emotionally charged.

Increased anxiety, decreased concentration, and lowered self-esteem are just a few of the things you may experience if your mental health is taking a hit from too much exercise.

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