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Replicate the Scent of an Authentic Pine Tree with These 3 Tips

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Artificial holiday trees are great for many reasons. For one, they don’t shed and leave behind a countless number of pine needles. Second, they’re easy to store in your apartment home when not in use. And, finally, they tend to be more cost-efficient than real trees, since you can reuse the same tree year in and year out, for many years – even decades!

Yet, there’s one thing that artificial trees can’t provide, and it’s the authentic smell of a real pine tree – a smell that you might find yourself longing for during the winter months. Fortunately, there are ways to replicate this distinctive smell in your apartment home. Here are 3 of our top suggestions.

Scented Sticks

Scented sticks or “scentsicles” are gaining in popularity. These sticks serve as dual-purpose ornaments that accent your tree while adding subtle fragrance to your tree and the room it’s in. For an authentic smell, opt for scented sticks that smell of balsam fir, spruce, or pine. Be sure to spread them out evenly for the most impact. You can even blend these sticks in with your wreath or other holiday decorations.


We love the idea of adorning your tree and home with pinecones. Notice a lot of pinecones outside? Scoop them up and bring them inside for a subtle splash of outdoorsy fragrance. You can also shop for scented decorative pinecones. No matter how you go about it, you have the option to add additional fragrance to your pinecones with essential oils. Look for ones labeled “Christmas Tree” or “Balsam Fir.”

Candles or Incense

Finally, if adding scents to your tree aren’t an option, you can always opt to fill the room with that classic Christmas tree smell using a candle or stick of incense. Not to mention, lighting one of these products is sure to add to the cozy feel of your holiday decorations! For the best effects, look for a candle or incense with spruce, balsam fir, or pine fragrance.

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