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Having Bad Dreams? These Tips Can Provide You with Some Much-Needed Relief

Do you ever experience strange dreams or even nightmares? Though it might be embarrassing to admit that you suffer from bad dreams, nightmares are quite common in adults and can point to elevated stress and anxiety levels. If you habitually experience nightmares or have been noticing this strange trend as coronavirus rages on, read on a few tips to help you find relief.

Eat a small snack before bed.

It might sound crazy, but low blood sugars can contribute to bad dreams. Though many diets suggest eliminating any food intake before bed, eating a small snack before you hit the sheets can help ward off bad dreams. Reach for a small serving of protein, like eggs, meat, or cheese, before bed. Avoid carb-heavy snacks, which could exacerbate the problem.

Skip an evening drink.

If you like to indulge in a nightcap before bed, you might want to reconsider. Though alcoholic drinks can make you sleepy, they can also lead to nightmares. Go for a soothing cup of tea or decaffeinated coffee instead. You can also try a 10-minute meditation to quiet your mind.

Schedule “worry time.”

Nightmares are mostly triggered by stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’ve been stressed out, find a way to express those fears and worries in a healthy way. Try scheduling “worry time” - which is a block of time dedicated to experiencing those negative thoughts. Spend 20 minutes journaling your thoughts or reflecting on them and you might find that your nightmares subside.

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