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Bringing Home a New Pet

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It is an exciting time when you bring a new pet into your home. It is important to remember that both you and your new animal companion will need some time to adjust. To help with that process, keep these tips in mind. 

Set the Rules and Be Consistent 
If you want part of your home to be off-limits to your new pet, be sure to establish that from the beginning. It is also a good idea to be clear on who in the family is responsible for feeding, grooming, cleaning, and exercising your pet.  

Be Prepared 
Before you bring your pet home, have all the necessary supplies. These include food, treats, bowls, sleeping mats, a collar and leash, brush, and nail clippers. 

Pet-Proof Your Home 
A new puppy or kitten can wreck havoc on a home unprepared for his or her arrival. Before you pick up your new pet, be sure to move houseplants and electrical cords out of reach. Any dangerous household chemicals should be put away. Any small household items such as plastic bags, garbage, and small toys should be stored. You should also make sure to close doors to off-limits room and storage areas such as cupboards, your laundry area, and storage areas. 

Help Out Your Existing Pets 
It can be quite a change for an existing pet to have a new dog or cat come home with you. Your new pet might be nervous as well. All your pets should be introduced to each other slowly and with close supervision. Be sure to provide a safe place for your existing pets to go if they become overwhelmed. Keep their sleeping areas and kennels accessible and separated until each one is used to the new pet. 

Teach Proper Animal Care to Your Family 
Whether you have other pets or not, it is a good idea to spend time discussing the best way to care for your new pet with your entire family. This is especially important for young children. They should be instructed how to safely pick up your pet and to never disturb a pet while it is eating.

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